So now that this project is over and i’m currently waiting on my grade, I have decided to create a new blog almost identical to this one for my whole photography work! Please go and check it out and follow if you feel necessary. It will include a little more personality as it isn’t for college as well as all of my projects and latest work.
Please look through most of them before judging as a lot of my photos cover totally different styles, from Concerts to simple patterns. Especially as i’m currently in the process of uploading all my work so some aren’t as good as my latest ones. (Latest ones are the bottom posts, Concert and modelling photography).

Michael Larkin Five Favorites






close up

What have you learnt during this assignment? How has it improved your photography? Your organisational skills? Your productivity?
During this assignment i have learnt an incredible amount of different techniques. First of all i feel i have benefited completely as a photographer with every simple technique such as composition, framing, editing, understanding what works as well as what doesn’t. I also feel i have benefited greatly in my ideas and how i produce effective final images from clever ideas. By this i mean i feel my ideas stand out from other photographers as for simple words and themes i came up with obscure ideas instead of just effectively taking a photo of the obvious. Finally, another massive thing i have learnt from this project ultimately is better organization as i have managed to keep on top of this project mostly and feel i have created a really nice blog with interesting posts.

How can you apply what you’ve learnt to future projects?
Obviously i can apply my new techniques and knowledge to future projects by incorporating them in all of my images as it is all general knowledge to me know. I now know how to take an effective photo and feel i will struggle to capture worse photos now as i am always growing as a photographer. I feel what i have learnt from this project will benefit my final outcomes much more than it will my development work and also my research work although i have done some decent research in this project too. Along side this, my future projects will hopefully be more organized although saying this, i feel the reason this unit was so organized is because it was done online which i personally feel very comfortable on instead of a sketchbook.

22.02: Self-Portrait


Date taken: 22/02/2013
Location: Bedroom
Settings: Shutter Speed – 1/60 sec | Aperture – f/4.5 | ISO – 400


What do you like about this photo? How well does it work?
One of the main aspect of this image which catches my eye straight away is the amount of layers secretly in this photo. By this i mean at first, the viewer only sees me in the mirror and wonders why the image is so long and thin, but after looking at the image in more detail you see that the dark, negative space part of the image is actually my back and can see this more when noticing my arm. The blur of my back creates a sense of depth as the image focuses on my reflection ignoring the part of my standing in front of the camera. I also like how i have captured myself sorting out my hair and standing in smart clothes which gives the impression i’m going somewhere quite smart and want to look good. The final aspect of the image which i like is how i have used the self timer on my camera to capture this image as well as getting the camera in the photo too which proves i have taken this myself as i am the photographer.
I feel this image works really well as it looks like a proper modelling photo with the model not being aware of the camera as well as advertising smart clothing. I also feel the technique i used works very well as i haven’t just captured a simple image of me holding the camera in a mirror, i have used a tripod and self timer as well as properly modelling for the photo too. Another technique i used for extra effect in this photo consist of using my light on my phone as a light source and placing it up right against my tv for light.


What did you learn from this experiment? If you had to take this photo again what would you do differently?
From this experiment i have learnt a lot more to do with my camera settings and what i can do on my camera with my shooting modes, this includes the monochrome setting and different toning techniques as well as changing my contrast settings and saturation settings in other shooting modes. I also learnt how to use my self timer setting on my camera and a little about modelling.
If i were to take today’s photo again i would like to experiment with photos outside and do more obscure ideas with the style of the model (me) like i did with some photos with a comb over and mustache.


21.02: Refine An Idea 2

Original Image:

far away

Refined Image:


What didn’t you like about the original photo?
Although my original image was one which i tried doing hardly anything too and i feel i learnt a fair bit from that, i still didn’t like how i had not edited it a lot as well as not fully being an easy image to understand as it made no sense what the jars were. I liked the depth in the image as well as the shoulder shot to let the viewer get a feeling of what she sees, but again, i didn’t like the image without it being edited much.

Why is your new photo better?
I’m not saying my new image is better, but i do feel personally that i prefer it as it shows i have experimented with another technique in panorama photography and although it isn’t an outstanding landscape, i still feel it is effective with the sunset and the reality of the houses framing the sunset. This image combines the habitat of both humans and animals as well as including man made houses and natural beauty with the trees and sunset.